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    A750 (auto) won’t select 5th gear

    The trans guy I used know there stuff and I had it checked when I bought it at 270000km and he changed the filter and fluid at 360000km and said it didn’t need changing but couldn’t find any other issue with it. I just drove 30km to town and it stayed in 4th the whole way. I drove back shortly...
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    A750 (auto) won’t select 5th gear

    it is 10/03 build with 360000km and it didn’t have ahc. It is a Sahara. I have had the fluid and filter changed because of the hard shifting and that made no change.
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    A750 (auto) won’t select 5th gear

    Hey there. I have been searching everywhere and can’t find any information on the problem I’m having. I have a 100 fte that I have owned for years that is always serviced and recently it has decided to select 5th gear irregularly and shifting hard sometimes. Once I thought I drove over...
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