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    I have found a donor truck for spare stuff but it doesn't have a front drive prop shaft....

    Hi is the gearbox and transfer box for sale and wot cost just a thought thanks Tony.
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    A 1992 75 Series Troopy build: Advice and help will be needed

    Hi that's one cool looking cruiser :thumbup:
  3. tonytoyota

    1984 HJ47 Replacement tachometer

    Hi have a look for hj60 one .:thumbup:
  4. tonytoyota

    1976 fj45

    Hi wot is going on come on we love pics hope you r well talk soon :laughing-rolling:
  5. tonytoyota


    HI Nick happy
  6. tonytoyota

    MOT Day

    Hi John mot time for the fun bits have a lot of fun with it.
  7. tonytoyota


    Hi Steven and a big welcome back its looking good.
  8. tonytoyota

    60 restoration update

    Hi top job on that cruiser :thumbup:
  9. tonytoyota

    Who is doing what maintenance today?

    Hi Steve thanks for the happy birthday you r right about the fish.Andy good to talk thanks for the call keep well one and all .
  10. tonytoyota

    Hi, new colarado owner

    Hi Stewart and welcome good looking cruiser.
  11. tonytoyota

    Who is doing what maintenance today?

    Hi all putting hand brake calipers on my blue 40 that's it big day for me I am 60 to day so going out for a bag of chips.
  12. tonytoyota

    Rims and tyre suggestions for FJ45 Troopy plus minor progress

    Hi have a look on ebay item number 274375077199 it's a good look but wheels r 15" hope it helps .
  13. tonytoyota

    Hi Everyone

    Hi and welcome have fun with the cruiser.
  14. tonytoyota

    Golden old un!!!!

    Hi Gav and James you r doing one top job it 's a big :icon-eek::icon-eek::thumbup: from Tony keep up that top job .
  15. tonytoyota

    Hi All! Sell/Buy FJ40's?

    'Hi Richard I have a fj40 with hj60 running gear in it its on the 40s under 40s for sale have .a look and let me now good look with it from Tony
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