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    Front windscreen wipers sizes

    I use 24" / 60 cm on both sides. Valeo "Jointless" blades, prfrbly.
  2. uHu

    80 series restored - Lottery money

    It would be worth the price if it had been restored to original condition, not lifted and without modifications that only few people would appreciate or need.
  3. uHu

    April 2021 Upgrade - Whoops

    When editing a new post, I can't see any text I mark. Like e.g. when double clicking a word to select it for typing another word instead. Or click-and-drag for selecting text, or using shift-key and arrow-key. The cursor disappears, but nothing else visible at all.
  4. uHu

    Trolley Jack

    For both trolley jack and stands, it is the height that counts. I find that 6 or 12 ton stands are better suited for the cruiser. For trolley jack, get one that can lift 700 mm +. I'm using a 2 t long jack, that can reach from the rear axle just to the rear end, so that I can choose to use...
  5. uHu

    Howzit from South Africa

    Great car, great colour, great scenery, great pics (you have a good eye). I really miss my -97 HZJ80 - biggest mistake.... Sounds like the 80 has been lucky to end up with you.
  6. uHu

    My 1999 100 series blew front diff pinion and crown. How do I check diff lock system?

    It's the centre diff that locks when moving to low range, or by pushing button on centre dash; forcing front and read axles to move at the same speed (or pushing 100% of the torque to both axles). The later years didn't have the CDL kick in when engaging low range, and it has been common to...
  7. uHu

    April 2021 Upgrade - Whoops

    Me too. But in IT security, it is: "If it ain't broke yet, it will be" or "If someone hasn't broken in yet, they will". You have to be proactive and upgrade before it's too late. It's a pain, and I'm not the best follower of this rule...
  8. uHu

    Something getting hot

    1 A synthetic ATF will handle high temperature better than a mineral one, and much better than an old ATF. 2 Check level, at normal operating temp, with engine idling. 3 If the oil (atf) cooling is configured as standard, with atf going through the bottom of the main radiator, and a separate...
  9. uHu

    More (effing) boat electrics. Help!

    Probably bad float switch. To make sure you check only float switch, leave pump connected as normal and try shorting between in and out of float switch. If then the pump runs fine, the float switch is the problem. E.g. corrosion on contacts inside.
  10. uHu

    A single mains battery charger that can run on 110 and 240 volts?

    It looks like they do exist, at least. Like this one, 10 A 12 v (14.4v) out, 100-240 v ac input: Soneil 12v 10 Amp ACI Smart Automatic SUPERCHARGER - [Leaving Land Cruiser Club]
  11. uHu

    Different wheels on the front and back

    Different wheel sizes of this magnitude would give you problems with atrac and abs, and the centre diff would not enjoy working overtime. If you were to engage CDL, you would not be able to disengage it at all, without some advanced acrobatic moves on a loose surface. If the Jeep spends most...
  12. uHu

    Diffs and lockers... just checking

    With the plug out of the actuator at the back, it should be OK to ground both 5 and 6. That would give both relays in the diff ecu ground on one side of the coil. The ecu will then give the +12v to one of the relays according to the position of the rdl switch, and give you +12v on either 2 or...
  13. uHu

    Diffs and lockers... just checking

    You should be seeing some voltage on one pin of the plug to the RDL actuator, if unplugged, depending on what you use to measure with. If not, check the diff ECU (actually two relays with a bit of trickery in a quite small package). If it is like on the LHD cars, it is easily accessible behind...
  14. uHu

    Made the leap...

    Félicitations - looks good. Welcome to the hundreds. Looks a bit gangsta - hope you're not going for blackened lights as well?
  15. uHu

    Help please with harsh knock / rattle 100 series

    That would be the spindle bearing, a needle or roller bearing. Often overlooked at regular service although really easy to check. Needs regular lubrication as well, and always after fording. Look here: Axle bearings & bushing. When should these be replaced? - [Leaving Land Cruiser Club]