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  1. S

    1HDT Im new here

    Hello everyone! Im new to this forum and not a social media person at all.. anyway besides the point, ive had my HDJ80 for almost 6 years now and slowly chipped away doing upgrades/mods on my budget and recent put on a hi flow ct26 from cct turbo. The cars just clicked over 600xxxkms i replaced...
  2. Daniyal Tahirkheli

    Zelena the LC80-- '93 HDJ81 from Pakistan

    Hi!! Greetings from Pakistan, this is my first thread... ever! tbh... '93 LC80 nicknamed Zelena is my first project. bought in Dec 2017 in completely stock form. The below pic is from the first few days :) Over the past 2yrs all the mods done to date have been budget mods on a very tight...
  3. B

    1hdt rough idle, please help!

    Hi, I'll make it sort and sweet, i own an 80series 1hd-t rebuilt engine, (injector pump, injectors, turbo, engine 60*** ago) got a problem where the engine starts shaking badly at idle, Only sometimes, cold or hot, mostly hot. When it's running rough, you can feel the exhaust flow that...