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  1. GreatScot

    KZJ78 power locking hubs

    Had a search around and can't find anything on other threads. My luck ran out and the copper spring has snapped while bending the springs back into place after I soldered the brushes on. Anyone know of how I could replace it? Or, does anyone have power locking hub parts lying around from a...
  2. R

    What do these controls in my Land Cruiser mean?

    So i recently just got my license and my dad is letting me drive his 2002 100 series. so i have some questions about the 4 wheel drive controls. So there's the Main gear stick to put it in Drive, Park, Neutral etc. on That stick theres also a 2 and an L. can anybody tell me what those are for...
  3. W

    4H system issues

    Hi all I've had a poke around but can't find what I'm after so I apologise if the info is somewhere else already. My father in law has a 70 series lc, year unknown with manual locking hubs, on his farm in Finland which gets all kinds of abuse and conditions. Recently the 4H system had stopped...