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76 series

  1. J

    Josh just bought a brand new 76. AKA "The Bulletproof Build"

    Hi All. As per the title, and obviously I'm pretty excited. 2021 model. Sandy Taupe. The build brief will be to create a "bulletproof" tourer. Don't need a crawler on portals. Need something that can be a member of the family for 10+ years and do it all. Reliably. I have a hell of a list of...
  2. Brendon Muller

    Greetings from South Africa

    Good morning, my name is Brendon Muller from Bloemfontein in central South Africa I made the big switch from Land Rover to Land Cruiser at the beginning of the year Currently driving a 2014 Land Cruiser 76 4.5D V8 Mods are still a work in progress and will be a for some good time. So far; ARB...