accessory meter

  1. spnk

    SOLD: 90 Series Tilt Altimeter Gauge

    For sale an original 90 series tilt altimeter gauge. Fully working, but the wire misses the mother plug (the one that goes in to the father plug underneath the passenger airbag). A new wire costs around 20 eur / gbp / usd, depending on where you buy it from, hence the asking price. You can also...
  2. D

    Accessory Meter (Temp/Compass/Clinometer)

    Hi All Desperately trying to find a replacement on-dash pod for my 2001 Colorado. I've been trying a range of breaker yards in the UK to no avail (and been scammed a couple of times as well). Anyone any idea where I can get one, or at least register interest in purchasing one of it becomes...
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