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ahc automatic height control

  1. BigV

    AHC can of worms have attacked my LX. Seeking advice :)

    (may not be related to the AHC issue but I am also getting an ABS, VSC off and check engine light going off constantly even though the car runs fine) Alright gents im having an issue with the AHC system of my LX470. Car goes down in to low mode and comes back to neutral position no problems but...
  2. K

    1999 LC 100 AHC Issue

    Hi all, I am new here and this is my first post... I own a 1999 LC VXR that has done 400K to date. I have an issue with my AHC where it does go up and down but on the dash shows the "OFF" blinking at random. The car used to change height on its own when stationary but stopped doing that now...
  3. D

    Suspension fix for 100 series 2001 LC with Automatic Height Control

    I've just bought a 2001 4.2 diesel Amazon with AHC in Pakistan. The vehicle has 130,000 miles on poorly-maintained Pakistani roads (if the meter hasn't been put back) but seems to have been fairly well cared for. The ride is a bit jarring - a slight shimmy in the steering, and roughness in the...