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  1. C

    AHC - Blinking Off

    2002 Lexus LX470 - US model Gas V8 4x4 109K miles The problem: Blinking "Off" light and stuck in LOW mode. Currently riding like a "low rider" and feels like I'm on a pogo stick. Cannot manually change modes with the switch on the console. I have read several threads on this site and several...
  2. Marpey

    HDJ100 upgrading suspension system

    Hello. New to LC Club, new to LC ownership (5 months), very new to overlanding (this month) have just completed a France-Italy-Slovenia-...Turkey-Iran- ... ferry Bandar Abbas to Sharjah ... -Dubai trip. My LC, in spite of its (or her? or his?) 240,000 km has performed beautifully. And the...
  3. T

    HDJ100 Active Height Control - Toyota Repair/Service Manual + OBD-2 plug

    Hello! For now several days, I am looking for the right Toyota repair/service manual which would present the AHC system for my [early] 2005 HDJ100. I have already found this link (a 6000 [!] page manual) [3w] (it seems I am not allowed to put it as an url before...