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  1. C

    Best sources for buying pre 2004 HZJ78 or 79 worldwide

    So, I'm searching worldwide for the right 1HZ Troopy (or possibly a cab and chassis that I can build a camper for) to import into Canada. It must be 15 years old to import into Canada, so currently that would mean a manufacture date of 01/04. I would prefer it already had a pop-up roof because...
  2. E

    3F carby cylinder head needed! Aust

    G'day! My cylinder head (3F-C straight 6) is cracked and I'm desperate to get a new one. I'm from Victoria but will drive to NSW/SA to get my hands on one that works. If anyone's got one lying around or knows anyone who does, please lemme know. I have poured my heart and soul (and more money...
  3. driftaeu

    Hi from Australia

    Hi, I am Jake, living in Australia at the moment. Before that I lived in Czech Republic and Germany. My truck is a 80 Series. Thanks to my work I have it set up for camping where ever I want. I am working for Drifta camping & 4WD. We manufacturing drawer systems and many other products. Just...
  4. AlanofOZ

    VDJ78R Flip Top camper conversion

    G'Day. I can see that there are a few threads about Troopy conversions, and I thought people might be interested in the one I recently had done. We had operated for a while with a roof top tent and a basic fit out in the back, with a dual battery system, 180w solar panel and regulator, an 80lt...