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  1. GrahamR

    HDJ100 - Refurb before expeditions

    Hi everyone, Great forum, I've got some brilliant help from existing posts on here. This thread is a progress log of work to date... partly for me, partly as a place to post head scratching moments during the process and hopefully tap into the wealth of knowledge on here... 2002 Land Cruiser...
  2. guyc

    Brakes and Bushes

    Brakes With hindsight I should probably have researched the forum beforehand. I changed the seal on one of the rear pistons and I changed the front pads. I then used a vacuum bleeder to bleed the brakes and with the car turned off the brake pedal is solid. When I start the car, there is...
  3. StarCruiser

    Brakes poor after changing pads

    my front pads had begun to squeal so I ordered another set from Milners as the ones fitted had been so good. I also ordered some rears but didn’t change these as there was plenty left on the Ferodo ones in there. I just gave them a bit of Copper Ease around the slidey bits and put them back...
  4. Robzimbo

    Revised: Stone doesn't eat brake caliper. Rim eats caliper.

    Not sure where to post this - 'Brakes', 'Trip reports', 'pub chat'... but it happened to my 105 so I'll put it here, though I guess it could have happened to any vehicle. I was up in Meru National Park a couple of weeks ago. I crossed a river, and soon after there was a scraping sound from the...
  5. B

    Brake adjustment and Binding when Wheel Tightened

    Cruisers, My 1972 FJ Soft top has new front brakes on them. I took the drums off to inspect and everything looks right. I adjusted the tension on the pads, put the drum back on, turned them by hand and they had good tension on them. Put the wheels back on and began to tighten the wheel and...
  6. K

    Brake booster issues

    I have 1985 gx diesel cruiser. 210,00 tar road km. I had a booster fail and changed it over from a wreck. The failed booster had a lot of oil in, 400ml aprox and also the clutch booster had some oil. No oil was found in the pipes from the vac pump, no smear even. I cant work this out? maybe the...
  7. Wise1

    Disc Width allowable F & R 90 series

    HELP ME! I'm in the hands of Dominican mechanics, and they want to put on new rear discs (already did the fronts) there is a noticeable wobble in the brake pedal, and the rear axle retainer has been changed twice now, with a leak re-appearing both times. BUT my central question is WHAT are...
  8. J

    Squeaky Rear Wheel

    The rear passenger-side wheel on my 2002 LC has started squeaking recently. Could this just be the brakes or something bigger?