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  1. D

    Faster heater anyone?

    Unsure if this has been posted on the forum before but it may be of interest? Yesterday I was working on a Renault van, whilst looking around under the bonnet I noticed a device in the heater inlet hose. It is basically a small alloy block that held four diesel engine glow plugs. Anyone...
  2. L

    Starting issues - Cold, water?

    Hi all, Just wondering if anyone can help with this issue... Here's the whole story, incase any of these things are related. The car has been doing fine, we've nearly done 1000km since I rebuilt it. I noticed sometimes a slight smell of diesel from the engine, eventually after investigation I...
  3. joshcork

    Central Locking not working in the morning

    Hi All, I've had my awesome Prado GXL Diesel for about 5 years and recently the central locking is too lazy in the morning or perhaps when cold to work. Once I've run the car for a while and later during the day its all good Does anyone else have this issue? Is the battery starting to fail on...