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cruise control

  1. S

    2001 105 GXL Cruise Control

    Hi Everyone, First time poster, long time reader here. I've purchased a 2001 105 GXL Manual recently, and I cant get the cruise control to work. I believe there's no power going to the system as when I turn it turn, no light comes on the dash. I've tried looking for a fuse but no luck, I cant...
  2. K

    Cruise Control Speed adjustment

    Hi, Does anyone know how to adjust to top speed for Cruise Control? I recently bought my F120 from Japan (its a domestic Japan model) and find that the cruise does not activate at 120 KM/h (our speed limit here). It works up to 110 km/h. Any ideas on how to rectify this? Thanks
  3. Kileni

    where to get cruise control for 105 Series Landcruiser?

    I periodically have to make long drives with my 105 Series Landcruiser, and eventually it can wear out my lower back to push the gas pedal hour after hour. And on top of that, I think I just got my picture taken for a speeding ticket the other day. Does anyone know where I can get a good...