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  1. Brecht

    Audio upgrade?

    I was wondering, did anyone ever bothered with replacing/upgrading the speakers in the car. Would it be worth it or waste of time? I guess it would make a difference after +21 years. Let me know if you have/haven't!
  2. B

    Dome light not working when on only turns on when door is open and in door mode

    I have a 2019 79 Landcruiser dual cab I got an over head console so am upgrading the dome light I blew the fuse when doing this and replaced fuse but since then I cannot get constant power through the same existing wires unless I open the doors There are only two wires coming out from the roof...
  3. Peewee

    HZJ79R wiring loom

    Hi Anyone got a 'clean' 2005 HZJ79R wiring loom? Parts will do and switches Mine has been chopped around Cheers Pete
  4. Peewee

    Spare Electrical Connections

    Good morning beautiful people Digging around my 2005 HZJ79R I'm finding several spare electrical connections. I have: One large connector but with only 4 wire in the drivers footwell by the fusebox Several behind the dash underneath the heater control In the engine bay near the fuel filters...
  5. Peewee

    Standard size switches and dual battery volt meter 79

    Hi Looking to fit switches for driving lights and diff locker into standard spots in my 2005 HZJ79 Also keen to find a dual battery volt meter display that will fit a standard place on the dash. It's pretty sparse at the moment and only has the button for the sub tank Any links and...
  6. Ben Freeman

    Horn [this isn't another horn pin post]

    So I'm brand new to Cruisers - just got my first ['88 FJ62] last week. The horn isn't working and I'm at a dead end as far as knowing what to do next. Here's what I've done so far: • Haz/Horn fuse is good. Hazards are working fine, fuse isn't blown. • I removed the steering wheel cover [see...
  7. S

    1999 VX Limited - Electrical Windows, Sunroof and central locking stopped working

    I just stopped to fill up, everything was working fine. When I wanted to open window no reaction. Noticed that non of the windows is working from any door or switch, sunroof not working and central locking not working. Seems to look like a power supply problem, where do I start to look? Checked...
  8. A

    Diff lock, demister and fan not working

    Hi All - any suggestions please.... I just installed an after market radio which works just fine ... however ... Once I got everything on the dash back together, the diff lock, internal fan (aircon) and the rear demister switches (all in the same general area on the dash) don't work. I have...