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  1. GrahamR

    HDJ100/1HD-FTE Turbo exhaust flange

    Hi guys (and girls if there are any on here?), I'm trying to source a suitable (preferably stainless) 3 hole flange (yes yes... queue dirty jokes) for my 100 series turbo. I've ordered an exhaust from Oz and it's got the 4 hole flange on the dump pipe... Apparently all HDJ100's over there have...
  2. mussy

    Question is the exhaust for a RHD 80 the same as one for a LHD?

    Evening All! As the title says if I buy an exhaust system from UK for a RHD is it the same as one for a LHD vehicle? Thanks as always Mussy
  3. TravelToy

    Troopy build : Webasto / Eberspacher, looking for install tips

    We're starting the Troopy build and one of the must-haves is a Webasto/Eberspacher heater in the back of the truck. I found a good spot to mount it (near the left hand rear door) so we can get good air supply (the stock rear air vent). However, I'm struggling to find a good way to deal with the...
  4. StarCruiser

    Anyone got a scrap Toyota Exhaust downpipe

    …and first box they don’t want for the 4.2 12 valve they could bring to the AO show on Saturday? I’d like one as a pattern. Long shot I know… :)
  5. Brian L

    Air con makes car rattle

    Next thing to sort out is a rattle from the exhaust that happens when the air con is on, the air con pump turns off and on when switched on, there is a slight rattle from the pump like the bearing is going but anyone any ideas why the engine starts to vibrate more causing the exhaust to go...
  6. Sam

    Exhaust heat shield: Toyota say.....

    Hi all... Just took my 2003 LC4 in to see Mr T with a somewhat unsettling metal on metal grinding. Broken rear heat shield they say. Fallen off (no impact) and is grinding on the prop they say. .... they also say £183.43 Sooooo, does it sound right that I need a £180 replacement and not...