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  1. Reece21

    FJ60 Engine trouble in need of some serious guidance!

    Hey to all, I'm a new member, and I'm in need of some advice! I currently own a 1984 FJ60. The engine locked up after the front crank pulley nut came off. I spoke with the previous owner and he recommended I do a remove and repair with a machine shop. I spoke with a few automotive...
  2. S

    For Sale FJ60 Orange County, Ca.

    So sad to let her go but need a new work van, you can see all the details in my craigslist add. Text anytime, Kevin @ 949-291-5100 I bought this rig about in September, 2013. I hate to sell it but need to buy a new van for work. It's been my daily driver since I've owned it. I didn't take the...
  3. F

    My Excellent Cond. Rolex GMT for your Land Cruiser FJ60/FJ70

    Hello! I received a Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date GMT Master II last year from a client (yes I made him a lot of money over the years lol) and I don't really wear it. Much rather enjoy a surf/ski ride for the family. Looking to get into a Land Cruiser FJ60/FJ70 in trade. I've probably worn the...
  4. timmers510

    Complete FJ60 Motor for pickup in Oakland, CA [only 140k miles]

    Parting out my 1986 FJ 60 and have the complete motor pulled and ready for a new home. It was maintained extremely well and I have receipts for the recent tune up: new plugs, plug wires, rotor, cap,master cylinder only 140k original miles. Didn't smoke or leak when in the vehicle (theft...
  5. ardude

    1985 FJ60 with 380k...dumb idea?

    Complete newbie here so not sure I can get away with starting a thread...but any advice would be greatly appreciated. Looked at a 1985 FJ60 today, second owner (a mechanic, seems like he's working on a variety of projects), and interior/exterior-wise everything looks outstanding (very minor...