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fuel tank

  1. L

    Petrol in a Diesel tank

    I just had a filling station attendant potentially put about half a litre of unleaded fuel into my Prado 95 3.0L diesel. The tank was on red and almost empty. He explicitly denies it and said he stopped before putting any in, even though the nozzle was in the tank and I'm sure it registered...
  2. Ellie94

    Fuel Tank Replacemnt

    Hi, I've just recently bought a Landcruiser prado 3l diesel, auto. Japanese import 70 series KZTE engine. I've got my hands on a second hand tank (photo 1) to replace the very rusty one she currently has (photo 2). The replacement tanks doesn't have the two vertically alligned pipes that the...
  3. Jay K

    FJ80 Fuel Tank

    looking for a fuel tank for my 1993 fj80. Current one is rusting through.