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  1. Ratfarmer3000

    HZJ 79 gearbox

    Hey guys, I’m new here. I bought a Hzj79 2003 1hz with an aftermarket turbo. I’m fairly simple when it comes to working mechanically but I’m keen to learn. The Ute has 250xxxkms and I’m having issues with the gear box. It’s crunching when going into second although if I shift with care it...
  2. Peewee

    Ignition Key difficult to turn for starting

    Hi My money pit of an early 2006 HZJ79R is trying my patience Short story.... Sprayed lubricant down the keyhole of the ignition barrel as the key release button was getting sticky. Now I have to wobble my key to turn on the ignition. I'm going to assume my ignition barrel was full of gunk...
  3. Peewee

    fuel gauges are all over the place

    HZJ79.... fuel gauges are all over the place. Main is full but gauge moves between full, half then back to full. Sub says just above empty but it's at least half. I have removed the sub sender and it reads full when it's out of the tank...... Are the two gauges on the same circuit? Is there a...
  4. C

    Best sources for buying pre 2004 HZJ78 or 79 worldwide

    So, I'm searching worldwide for the right 1HZ Troopy (or possibly a cab and chassis that I can build a camper for) to import into Canada. It must be 15 years old to import into Canada, so currently that would mean a manufacture date of 01/04. I would prefer it already had a pop-up roof because...
  5. M

    For Sale: RHD and LHD Brand New Land Cruisers all around the world.

    Dear All, We supply all models of Land Cruisers globally including RHD and LHD versions of HZJ79, HZJ78, HZJ76, LC200, LC150. Our stocks are in Japan, Dubai, Singapore and Antwerp. We deliver cars upto the customs only. Importation and local registration are done by our clients. We delivered...