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  1. jasransm

    Canberra Bound

    Well I am moving from the West Coast of Oz to the East coast for work. Normally a pretty straight forward 3500klms across the Nullarbor, into South Australia and onto Canberra....... As luck would have it the Nullarbor is cut off due to bush fires, so the Great Central Road is the only safe way...
  2. jasransm

    Hi Again!

    Hi All, Joined a year ago and have since been busily building my ride. Moving to Canberra over the Christmas break. My name: Jason My Cruiser: LC200 2012 GXL 4.5L 98000kms Mods on my Cruiser: TD 2.5" Lift airbag man airbags, etec snorkel, TJM Bar and sliders, MCC rear bar wheel carrier /...
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