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  1. fittus

    KZJ70 Restoration with new GRJ71-Body // Old Speedometer@dashboard - Suggestions?

    Hi, our KZJ70 restoration project is taking shape and soon we will made the wedding of the KZJ70 chassis with the new GRJ71 body :)) The construction year of the KZJ70 is 1994. The old mechanical speedometer dont't fits in the new GRJ7x dashboard (see pictures). Is any out there, with an...
  2. Kzj70ofDoom

    Help needed in sourcing parts(KZJ70 front axle/swivel hub)

    Hi there, I will try keep this story short: Bought a kzj70 for too much money (7k) and the engine was already shot, little did I know. (New to spannering) so eventually haul it home on a trailer and buy another engine. Swap new engine in, but discover it has a seized head so there’s another...