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  1. M

    Off-Road tires brand new federal couragia brand new LT275/65R18 119/116Q 8P PR/LR D

    off road Mud Terrain tyres LT275/65R18 119/116Q 8P PR/LR D. Tires were supposed to be for my Landcruiser 100 series or similar off road but I'm not going to use them. Item is for collection or we can arrange for DPD to deliver them at an extra cost. Sample photo from a website provided...
  2. MZ_prado

    1kz-te shutting down by itself! (engine failure) Help....

    1kz-te shutting down by itself! (engine failure?) Help.... Hi there. After running my spouse's KZJ71 M/T 1kz-te 3000cc engine for a couple of minutes, being it in the morning or any other time of the day (as long as it asent been runed any time before of the day), the engine shuts down by...