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  1. G

    the j100 version and OBD2 do not exist?"

    Hello everyone, "We have a not-so-small problem! Well, maybe it's small, depending on who you ask :) We bought a Land Cruiser from 2000, 4.2 v6, 24v diesel, originating from Bulgaria, some time ago. We were hoping that, using the knowledge available on the Internet, we would be able to revive...
  2. Bhutan

    Diagnostics Tool for an 04/2007 LC120 1KD D-4D

    Hi Guys I am looking for a diagnostics tool for an 04/2007 LC120 1KD D-4D, does anyone have any good suggestions please? Thank you. I have seen on the forum the option of a 16 pin OBD2 with Techstream but am unsure if that is vehicle compatable with my 120? The laptop I have is running 64...