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off road

  1. P

    Tire Recommendations

    I am new to this Club so thanks in advance for any help with my question. I have a 2020 Toyota Heritage Land Cruiser for which I am close to needing new tires. I probably spend about 70% of my time on paved surface roads with the remaining 30% off-road. When off-road I am typically driving on...
  2. Toyota Land Cruiser 76

    Toyota Land Cruiser 76

  3. R

    100 series upgrade question (should i do it or not)

    Hey guys so I was recently handed down my fathers 2002 100 series with a 4.7l v8 and my question is whether or not I should spend my time and money on it by buying parts and upgrading it to a more off road capable vehicle. It has a little over 220,00 miles and is in pretty good condition. its...