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  1. jef

    Looking for a good offset for a new set of rims

    I'm currently looking to upgrade from 285 75 r16 to 315 75 r16 mud terrains but looking for a good set of rims, my current rims are a bit to wide, have only 4 of them and the dimensions are a bit unknown. A wild guess is 16x10 et-? around 30 I think. Is 16x8 et-25 a good choice? I want the...
  2. lockie

    Upgrading rim and tyre size - 80 series

    feel free to direct me to the correct thread, but my question is - I’ve got a 1992 80 series and I’ve got the stock 31x10.5R15 rims and tyres on it, I’ve got my hands on a set of stock later model rims (16”) And I want to know has anyone used these rims with a set of 305x70R16s (or something...