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  1. K

    WANTED, 70 Series FRONT Right Hand Guard for PZJ77

    Hi, I am after a 2nd hand right front guard (2 piece) for my 1993 Land Cruiser PZJ77 LWB. Would be good if it had the indicator assembly although not critical). I think that the guard also fits... - HZJ71, 73, 74, 76, 77 - ZX 19909/1991 - FJ75 - PZJ70 ...but I could be wrong. Anyhow please see...
  2. K

    PZJ77 Suspension Lift, Tyre and Rim size selection

    Hi guys, just signed up. I have a 1993 PZJ77(LWB, leaf springs all round, 3.5 diesel) and I am looking at giving it a lift and getting some rims and tyres for it so looking for recommendations. Putting an ARB winch bar and probably a Superwinch on the front. Application is for on road and farm...