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  1. laszlo szucs

    Sahara Crossing

    is anyone here thinking of a sahara crossing expedition? or have experience? im thinking to do it after proper preparation. thanks
  2. T

    Entertainment System Query

    Hello, We have just purchased a Sahara and am looking for advice with the Entertainment System. Does anyone know if it possible to have two different shows running for the kids? We have a long trip coming up and they don’t like the same shows anymore. Thanks!!
  3. Kirsten

    Immobilizers lost communication

    1 day into a weekend away and according to RAC my immobilizers have lost communication due to a flat battery. Is there anything I can do? RAC suggests towing to nearest Toyota Dealer on Monday morning to reset. He tried charging both batteries but that didn't work. He also tested a new battery...
  4. 4

    Sahara Front Camera Relocation

    I have had the Toyota bullbar installed and it now severely limits the view of the front camera for both pulling out of car parks in the shopping centre and for checking tyre locations and terrain when off road. Also, I cannot use the designated points for mounting spotlights or a light bar as...