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  1. D

    Greetings from the USA

    Good Day/Evening, It is a pleasure to meet you all, even if only virtually, and I look forward to sharing in Land Cruiser experiences and lore alike. I got to spend a lot of time in various model year Land Cruisers when I was traveling in my youth. They were the most dependable transportation in...
  2. TheHaz

    Technical Benefits of a Snorkel

    Hi Everyone, Just a quick question if I may. I recently bought a LJ77 (2L-T, 233km, overall in great condition) and making a list of suitable modifications. Does anyone know the actual technical benefits of fitting a snorkel onto my car? I'd like to not drill into the side of the vehicle if...
  3. Bobby

    40 Snorkel Template

    Does anyone have a template i could use to install a snorkel for my 40? or maybe just some advice because it didnt come with any instructions. guess i should have bought Safari....