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suspension issues

  1. dezz1990

    Rattling and squeaking on bad roads

    Hello 120er experts! Since i live in Panama (many bad roads) and i love to explore offroad as well, our suspension got heavy tasks sometimes.. I recently changed the shocks, sway bars and control arm. The shocks work fine, but i still have an annoying rattling and squeaking on bad roads, so i...
  2. G

    Urgent help with suspension problem please

    Hi All Got a 2000 W reg Landcruiser Amazon 100 4.7 V8 Petrol. Car drove amazing, suspension all worked with height control. Car goes in for MOT and oil and filter - to my trusted garage and replace the rear tow bar 7 pin socket. Go to pick it up and the front is like this, low to the...
  3. D

    Suspension fix for 100 series 2001 LC with Automatic Height Control

    I've just bought a 2001 4.2 diesel Amazon with AHC in Pakistan. The vehicle has 130,000 miles on poorly-maintained Pakistani roads (if the meter hasn't been put back) but seems to have been fairly well cared for. The ride is a bit jarring - a slight shimmy in the steering, and roughness in the...
  4. M

    rear suspension dropped

    hi everyone looking for bit of help, i have a 98 colorado lwb 3.0 turbodiesel, i tow a large twin axle caravan with it but mostly use it solo, the rear suspension has dropped over last few months( only noticed wen comparing to others) its consideribly lower than used to be, i had new shocks...