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suspension raise

  1. G

    Urgent help with suspension problem please

    Hi All Got a 2000 W reg Landcruiser Amazon 100 4.7 V8 Petrol. Car drove amazing, suspension all worked with height control. Car goes in for MOT and oil and filter - to my trusted garage and replace the rear tow bar 7 pin socket. Go to pick it up and the front is like this, low to the...
  2. S

    Hello. I'm Prepping a 95 for a year around Africa.

    Hi, my name's Simon Forbes I'm new to the forum (and fairly new to forums generally - sorry if I don't know the protocol straightaway) I'm preparing a land cruiser 95 2001 3 litre diesel for a one year tour of africa mainly on back roads but also off road in game reserves etc. I'm wondering...