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1HD T big end bearings..

chapel gate

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May 26, 2014
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... yes, there still a thing!

pulled these out of a 92 last week;


only 187000 miles on the clock..
It would be interesting to see the state of the main bearings..... I can't see why they also shouldn't be suffering the same issue....
Not that I've ever changed the mains in all the 80's I've had..... in both 1HD T's the BEBs were just starting to go that way at 130K the other at 145 K my 1HD FT was perfect at 130 K
That’s a blast from the past
yes, you would think all those still running would of been done by now, and all those that havnt would have a fist sized hole in the side of the block..
I did mine about about 15 years/100k miles ago, so maybe its time to do them again.
Mine were done at around 11 years/180.000....ish miles and were just starting to 'go', I did not do the main bearings though.

284,000 miles on the clock, I have been a bit OTT with oil and filter changes and always doing a sacrificial oil and filter change at the same time, sometimes after a hot off roading trip there might only be 2,000 miles between changes, I have thought about another change of the bearings, I had in the past thought it was a factory fitting issue, or not cleaning the block properly after drilling's had been made as it seemed that certain bearings suffered more, perhaps a coincidence, I think the general reason settled on the bearing material used was faulty? Anyway I have other bits na dpieces I want to get done and I am not going anywhere fast at the moment.

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Just done mine at 190,000 no symptoms and presumed they had already been done. Thank goodness I checked!


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some say this needs to be done every 100K KM is this true or once there done your good?
Supposed to be done once done the once.

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If I manage another 100k I'll be checking again for peace of mind!
Big end wear in cars used to be a constant problem until about 1975. Nowadays it's unheard of. The 80's involved were made during a period of stability and whatever the problem was it must have been a problem with the shell material. Some blame the oil but the shells should have been oil proof. I would have thought replacement shells would almost never wear out as whatever defect they had would have now been addressed.