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A Question about OME vs. FOX Shocks.


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May 2, 2024
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Hello. Does anyone have any experience with Fox shocks on a series 60 Land Cruiser?

I have a 1987 HJ-61 with a 3in lift kit. I bought it this way and it has OME 60062 Shocks in the rear and OME 60063 in the front. I have always used FOX shocks on my 4x4 offroad builds, and I find the OME ones to ride a bit rought ( I am not looking to ruffle feathers, but its just my opinion). I have found plenty of FOX shock options for Series 80 Land Cruisers, however there are very few resources for the series 60.

Has anyone run FOX shocks on series 60 build, if so which model did you use? I know that Fox can build you a set for a specific application, but if there is already something out there this would be the easier option.

Thank you for any help, comment or input.

Just an observation but depends what your previous builds were , I never heard any complaints about OME on trucks as heavy as the 80 series and I'd assume the 60 series weighs at least as much ?
I did a restoration of a TD5 Defender and intially went with terrafirma. But the ride was quite harsh, and OME shocks are not bad, however they seem more stiff, FOX just has a smoother ride in my opinon. the 60s are 2500kgs empty and then you also have to factor in the gear. So it could be a factor as well. either way i am looking for an upgrade as these have been on there for a few years now.