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barn doors or tailgate preference


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Nov 18, 2021
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just wondering what is your preference barn doors or tailgate & might anybody have any numbers or which is rarer ...cheers all :)
I think most of us would be more focused on what the door/gate was attached to but theres pros and cons to both .

Because you made me think about it i reckon barn doors would suit me better as the tailgate is a nuisance while trying to reach into the truck and the height of mine you would need a chair to stand on to get up if you wanted to sit on the gate . Soo its table for me and i suppose and barn doors would let me fold a table down instead .
yes pros and cons to both i guess...with merc g wagons the barn doors seem to be highly coveted guessing with barn doors you do get a bit of a wind brake also & with the barn doors as you say attachments like tables and storage etc could be incorporated
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