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Heic and heif files


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Feb 14, 2021
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I would like to upload photos that my girlfriend has taken on her IPhone, but they are in heic or heif format. The forum appears not to support this, is this something that can be made to work?

Currently I can only manually convert each photo from heif to jpeg and then upload it which is pretty tiresome....

If the forum admins could assist would be great. Many thanks
One quick way to convert them is to select the photo’s you want and email them to yourself. The emailed files will be jpg
Ok, thanks, will give it a go. She takes way better photos than I, plus I do most of the driving, so have limited opportunities
I pretty much gave up on pictures when windows "improved" things a few years ago but if i must post one i use her ipad which i hate but it does at least work .

Maybe if your mrs moves them to an ipad it converts them automatically ?