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Jacobs truck on e bay

Just git sent the link. Didn’t expect to see that up for sale!
'Bought as a truck for life but circumstances have changed and now looking for something bigger'

Long story short, the camper is just a bit too cramped and cumbersome for short stops with two tall people and a growing boy. The litmus test is pulling up at Aberdeen beachfront in winter after a ten-hour drive and climbing straight in the back where a cold beer, a quick round of Uno around the table and a warm bed await. We have talked about rebuilding or replacing the box but it would be a big job and is way out of my league. I also got my HGV licence last year which opens up new doors. It's a shame because the Cruiser really is delicious. We went down to Cornwall in it last week and it just keeps on trucking all day long.

So the search is on. We put in the miles over Christmas and viewed three Mercs - one no-no and two very big maybes. Any ideas or leads always welcome.
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I guess if you don't really need the serious overlanding/off road capability of a 4x4 SUV then that increases your options considerably. There are 4wd motorhomes available that could easily handle a campsite field or beach and for shear comfort, practicality and convenience they'll blow the doors off any converted Land Cruiser but they're not particularly cheap.
I've been contemplating selling the caravan and possibly (probably not) the LC and getting a motorhome with rear garage compartment to stick a motorcycle in.
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Or this.

Erm, I can forsee problems mounting that one Jacob..