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Just cleaned my MAF... wow!


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Apr 3, 2016
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I'm sure it's been said a million times on here, though the search brings up but a few older threads, I just cleaned the MAF, mass airflow sensor on my 2007 LC120 D-4D yesterday and took the truck for a decent run for a couple of hours on some very twisty roads. What a huge difference!

For all the new guys (like me) on here, this is for you. Just do it!

It takes 10 minutes having bought some MAF cleaner in advance, and is easy. There are plenty of YouTube videos to assist you, they will be more explicit than any photos I can put on here.

I don't have access to any MAF cleaner here and very gently used a tissue to clean the sensor. I've read that you can use electrical contact cleaner as well, but be that on your own head. The electrical contacts were clean as clean could be, but there was an obvious light, complete covering of dirt on the sensor. It almost looked like soot ingested from following disgusting filthy exhausted 20 tonne trucks around for days on end.

Much smoother and significantly better acceleration when the pedal is pressed gently or hard, smoother running all round, smoother automatic gear changes, and the truck seems quieter - it's like a different truck, and here's the thing, the MAF wasn't that dirty!

I'm still grinning!

Dash cam shot of which I speak, he'd just changed gear...
So would the sensor get cleaned as part of a service?
Good question Jack!

From now on, I think I shall inspect and clean my MAF sensor every oil change as I'm at the DIY stage of ownership. I haven't had the vehicle that long, only 15 months, so I can't say if mine has ever been checked/cleaned or not from new in the past. A phone call to your local Toyota dealership would tell you if it's a standard service item or not, I can't answer that.

It would be my recommendation to check, or have a maintenance service provider check the MAF sensor periodically just in case. Be that every 12 months, 24 or 36 months, I couldn't say. It's literally a 2 minute check to see if it's clean or not, and a 10 minute job to clean it, so it's hardly going to break the bank.

Just my 2 cents worth, perhaps somebody else more technically experienced in these matters than I can assist here...
Last weekend I checked and cleaned the MAF,and it was dirty. I used whole bottle for cleaning from Liqui Moly :)


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Just finished cleaning the MAF and ERG (with cleaner) and the difference is great a lot more responsive and it feels better in changing gear, really pleased
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Personally I'd only use the proper MAF cleaner - theyre very sensitive and easy to break. Its on top right of the air box (as you stand in front looking at the engine) - held in by two screws.
I put a small amount of cleaner in a clean lid of a jar, and after taking the cover off the sensor, used a few cotton buds to gently wipe it and surrounding area in there.
As Karl says, sensitive and easy to break.
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MAF cleaned. Gave the housing a good clean with a baby wipe before getting anything undone. No noticeable difference.
In hindsight though (and given the almost spotless condition of it), I think it was probably changed a couple of years ago when I was running through likely causes of a fueling type issue. Muppet :laughing:

Wasn't a wasted excersise though because the mrs wanted to do it - and at about 5'2" 5'3" (oops) it's quite a chuckle with her on a box or step ladder laying over the engine to get to stuff. She's pretty used to getting stuck in with servicing (the bikes and the LC) - and bloody good at it - but watching her get the intercooler cover off or falling into the void to get the oil filter out often brings tears to my eyes. We had a proper giggle. In fairness though, I'm 6'2" and I've stood on the toolbox to get my arms in more than once.

Took the intercooler cover off to show her the plan for the EGR and injector job (eek) and noticed we've got some oil, appararently dripping a bit, from the underside of the intercooler along the right hand edge where it joins the black plastic. Bit of a hmmmmmm moment. I'm sure there will be a post soon (once I've we've she's got the intercooler off to have a look). Fingers crossed - those things are not bloody cheap.
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Yep, there was no difference when I cleaned mine, and no shit came off it, purely an exercise to cross off the list.

Don't worry unduly about the intercooler at this stage, wait until you get in there to do egr/throttle body clean soon, there MAY be so much gunk in there oil has seeped out of the big connecting hose on that right hand side.
Check it sooner rather than later, and if its due an oil change, check out the oil pick up strainer too.

I'll have to see if my mrs will lay over the engine, lol.