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Jun 10, 2021
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Hi All. I am a long time Landcruiser owner having had a 100 series from 2002 and a 200 series from 2012. I just joined up as I have a new 2020 VX LC 200 that has traveled 4K and it has just started a harmonic vibration through the accelerator foot pedeal and sterling wheel. Researching the issue I found members have had similar issues. With the insights I have gained from your threads I will approach the dealership I purchased the vehicle from to resolve the issue. I will keep you posted. Buy the way, a great informative site.
Welcome, not many 200's on here. We do love pics
Hi. The issue has either gone away or I have become use to it and do not notice it much anymore
MR2020, I too noticed vibrations on accelerator pedal n steering, got it checked thoroughly from specialist and nothing wrong with car. These vibrations are very minute n majority of drivers won’t even notice them.
Ideally I expected accelerator, breaks n steering to be free from any sensations, like moving legs n hands in a suspended fluid or air.
Maybe its the Diesel engine character n ignored it now.
I would expect to feel the road through brakes and steering, not have them float like a computer game. Modern cars often have too little feel.
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