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Oil pressure release valve


Jun 17, 2018
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Evening legends, I’m trying to replace the oil pressure release valve on a 2H but the new one I have the spring is way stronger and am struggling to get it compressed and tighten up the cap, any one got any suggestions, the old spring is very weak and easy to compress.
That sounds very odd...

Have you compared the compressed length of the springs?
Had the same issue @Hemi so fitted the new valve with the old spring. The new spring needed 50x the force to compress which is wrong
Maybe if you compress the spring overnight , I'm thinking a pipe two bolt and a vice , it will give you what you need to get it bolted in ?

Left my truck overloaded and parked up for a week once and was gutted to see fairly new springs shrunk , so i jacked it up and let the rear axle hang for a couple of days and they come good again . Spring metal has memory .
Hi all thanks for replying , I think after putting the spring under compression overnight which has made little difference I am going to use old spring new valve , can’t figure out why make the spring so strong.