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Prado Manuals 2016-08-04

No permission to download
Hi Flint,
Download of the Prado Manuals is not available? I have over 20 posts so should be able to download.
Can you help please?
I can download it
Do the manuals give you info on how to remove centre console
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Thanks Talaman but just realised I need manual for prado 150 series, can you help?
Hmm, i am not able to download the manual, is it still available?
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Hi all, I have a full set of Prado 90 series workshop manuals for the Australian version. They are individual PDF files so let me know if you need a specific one

I’ve just bought a 98 Grand VX Auto and started the maintenance phase to rectify the basics. I picked up a Haymen Reece tow bar secondhand in great condition, does anyone have any fitting instructions?



Hi Flint
I have been looking for manuals for the LC90, is it possible to acquire them from you?
Thanks in advance.
What is the chance of getting manuals for a 2001 Prado TX 1kzte? Have check engine coming on intermittently.
I have managed to find a 99 version but the diagnostic port seems different
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Hi Flint
Can u send me pls the prado fsm iam searching for it for days..
It would be really nice if u can sned me the data.
Greets from Austria