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Rear Fog lights not working


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Jun 21, 2011
Hi all, haven't been on the forum for a while due to the 80 being SORN for the last 2 years. Going to take it for MOT this week as soon as i have sorted out the rear fog lights which refuse to come on despite renewing both the bulbs, checked the fuse box and despite saying fog lights on the fuse box cover, where the fuse should go,it is empty, there are no contacts there or metal prongs where the fuse sits.
Very confused so any help will be really appreciated.
Thank you in Advance
Hi Ram, on my HZJ 80, the fog lights are only energized when the dipped headlights are on, so when checking for fog lights on the driveway make sure the headlamps are switched on…
Hey Ram long time no see , hope you are doing well .

Wasn't your 80 imported many years ago ?

Do you remember the fog light working because i'm thinking its not a requirement in some countries so your truck may never have had one .
Adding to Shayne's comment.....
Where are your fog lights ? UK 80's had them in the lower tailgate but from memory imports often had them fitted below the bumper at the point of UK registration ...
If the latter then they could be wired up not using factory live feeds etc ....hence your fuse position being empty .
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I can't imagine any import being not compliant with MOT regs. Perhaps check the LC out and also the MOT regs. My local tester always helps me out on questions.
Having said that, if the LC has fog lights fitted I assume they worked at one time.
As Shayne and Grimbo said, my hdj81 has an aftermarket rear fog mounted in the middle of the swing out spare. I had to replace the lamp holder (corrosion) and trace back the non loom wiring to a switch on the dash. This had an inline fuse holder under the right hand side of the dash.
Apart from the obvious need for one to be fitted, my MOT days were basically if it is fitted it must work.

An interesting note though, many years back then windscreen wipers or was it washers, were not on the checklist. :icon-biggrin: