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Toyota LandCruiser FJ40 offer


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Jul 2, 2023
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Dear Cruiser Lovers,

I am the owner of Toyota Landcruiser FJ40 based in the Czech Republic (see position here: Mniší · 742 21 Kopřivnice, Tschechien - [Leaving Land Cruiser Club]).

I bought it when I lived in Indonesia 10 years ago, later imported to Czechia and started the restoration.

Unfortunately I am not the car mechanic and due lack of time and in the end interest I stopped on the way – see the photos here: Toyota – Google Drive - [Leaving Land Cruiser Club]

It has the steering wheel on the right side, so I was thinking somebody from UK can like it and finish the restoration.

If you would be interested or know about anybody who would be, this is my contact.

Martin Skoda

HP/WA: +420 774 378 962

Koprivnice, Czech republic
Hello Martin,

I might know someone who might be interested but, before I speak with him, I have some questions:

Was the FJ40 registered in Czechia and any duties paid?
Is it registered in Czechia?

When you took it apart did ALL the parts get kept?
Assuming they did, in an orderly fashion or just a big pile of bits?

You don't mention the condition of the engine, transmission & axles. We these working without faults when you took the 40 off the road?


Hi Roger,

it was not registered in Czechia yet - we wanted to register with vintage car plates after renovation. I have all the documentation scanned - I can send you pdf by mail/WA if you contact me. The customs clearance was made after arrival to Czechia, no more duties payable.
All the parts get kept, but due to the attitude of the guy who renovated, now it is unfortunately a big pile of bits.
The transmission is not in good condition - before when driving the car the gear up to 3 was with metallic sound - after dismantling, one can see it is damaged - I can send you the photos on Monday next week when I am back home.
Axels I was told is in good condition and I felt nothing wrong when driving. Engine - I was told also in good condition but needs to be resealed - I can also send you photos later. No problems with the engine when driving before.

Hi Martin,

I will send you a private message as you do not have enough posts to utilize that facility but you should be able to reply to it.