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V8 Starting


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Nov 27, 2012
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My current problem is that when starting it doesn't fire straight away but splutters and the starter keeps churning for 4 or 5 seconds, and finally catches. Once it starts it runs normally - idles about 700 rpm when warm. If I give it some throttle whilst starting then it starts no problem. Been like this now for a few weeks - does it most, but not every time. Anyone any ideas or had similar problems?

On another subject, I've learnt to live with my CEL since the cruiser sailed through the mot - emissions test showed perfectly normal results. Can't get an o2 spacer
due to the flange type design but might investigate o2 simulators.
(see earlier posts for the full story)

Hope you lucky guys enjoyed playing in the snow 'cos we didn't get any at all, and now it's raining.....grrrr

It's probably to do with your lpg . I was told by my lpg man that when the car is on gas the petrol(which the car starts on) can leak or be drawn out of the injectors thus causing the start delay. When you are just about at your destination flick it back on to petrol and see what it's like starting up .
Aha- sounds plausible. I'll give it a go for the next few starts and see what's what.
I've not heard of that on LPG cars?

I know it's not exactly the same engine but I've had my LPG conversion for 4 years and nearly 50k miles and I have NEVER experienced that. Always starts/fires within a couple of turns of the engine.

The only time I had starting problems was a). when the starter motor was worn out. Replacing the contacts/plunger fixed that.....and b). when the battery needed replacing, again a few years ago.
Sounds odd to me too. Never heard of anything like that before.
Well it does seem to improve the starting - i've been switching back to petrol before switching off & had about ten starts in the last couple of days, and not yet had a reoccurrence of the problem. Strange thing is I've had the car for 5 years and about 50k+ and not had this problem 'til recently. The battery is good (and really good quality too) but I'll give it a charge anyway. Was beginning to think it might be the starter motor but it seems to turn over quite healthily.
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Might never happen in 3.4 V6's,but two V8's with a very similar symptom and the same fix would seem to exist........ I also suspect that a guy who fits lpg systems for a living ,who knew straight away what it was, has come across the issue before.
Sorry the post above is a bit on the arsehole side, wasn't meaning to come across all bitchy:)
No probs. Just happy (sort of) to hear that it's a recognised symptom, and that it's easy to work round it.