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    My 105 Overlander

    Ha Ha, Steve I love that description. Hopefully this will slightly improve the lack of aerodynamics when the RR is loaded with tent etc. And hopefully reduce the beating the tent sometimes has to put up with from bushes and branches. Sometimes the tracks we follow are quite overgrown and the...
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    My 105 Overlander

    So, that's done. 30mm lower. Mountings a bit stronger. And the deflector is on... Aluminium Wind/Tree deflector is on. Put some door sealer rubber along the bottom so as not to scratch the roof. Not sure how I feel about it though, sprayed it the same color as the farm gate on the...
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    My 105 Overlander

    Just all a bit dirty still from last weekends trip.
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    My 105 Overlander

    so...getting there...went a bit heavy duty with the foot pieces etc, but we like heavy duty. Now waiting for the paint to dry then will put the lego's back together Had to go with silver as when it was time to cover up all the bad welding I realized the black cans of hammerite were...
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    My 105 Overlander

    Thanks Steve The rims are toyota, alloy mags from the previous gen 79 series. Would have preferred steelies but don't get them wide enough here, did think about having the original steelies widened but I dont quite trust that route. The spindles/mountings for the rear swing arms I used the...
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    My 105 Overlander

    Thanks. Been on here about a year I think but haven't really posted much, ha ha. 1fzfe, no mods except custom exhaust. 3" lift in the front, 4" in the back. Custom set-up which I played with to get it right for my needs. Castor, adjustable panhard rods and brake lines etc all sorted. 35" MT...
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    My 105 Overlander

    Decided to lower my roofrack, modifying the custom mountings so should score about 30mm. Original idea was to slide a panel or table under the RR, but that has not happened so far so probably wont happen. Also busy making up a aluminium wind deflector for the RR to hopefully drop the wind...
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    Castor Correction

    Anybody know what the correct/standard castor is for the 105? I recently put in a 3.5deg castor correction kit from dobinsons, on the wheel alignment machine it now gives reading of +2, which puts it in the green (acceptable) spectrum. Before the castor correction I was -05.20 I just want to...
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    1fz-fe specs?

    Great, that is the type of info I was looking for, if its in the brochure... Because main thing is here everybody only knows the "standard" 4.5, have so far only seen one other 105 with the same motor mine has in, but not complaining. Loaded for a overland trip I get about 5.5km/l, which I...
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    1fz-fe specs?

    Thanks for the reply. Same info I found, and on a few other forums etc as well. Even when checking up with my vin I also got the 170+kw answer, but dont seem to find the info on any "official" toyota website. Does seem believable though as there seem to be a few visual differences compared to...
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    70 series rims onto a 105 series

    glad you came right, but just for interest sake the (newer) 70 series rims do fit. Just need the correct mag rim wheel nuts.
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