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power issue, no 12V Ignition


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May 19, 2019
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Hi Guys

Ok, I have been scratching in my wires for 2 days now and am already feeling like a idiot so am asking the clever people. I drive a 2002 105 1FZFE.

While I was driving my dash gauges died and a non-stop beep came from behind the dash. At the same time saw on my external volt meter that there is no charge coming in. First thought, alternator.

So go home, remove the alternator and test, all fine. Put it back in the car and test, no charge.
I check the three wires going into the alternator, light gives power, permanent power is there, but no ignition power. So alternator is not getting charge signal. I start to scratch around and see that all the items which get ignition power are dead, ACC power is fine.
Car starts etc but still none of that ignition 12V.

I removed the ignition switch and tested there, all fine.

Sometimes if I switch on ignition and leave it a few min later all dash lights pop on again and ignition 12V is restored.

I am about to go dig further but does anybody have any suggestions or ideas to save me some time? Anybody had a problem like that before?
I have checked all fuses and relays etc, am I missing a relay or something somewhere?