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    Carrying Jerry cans

    Hi Carl. I had the same idea and did a bit of research on this and found no law restriction on carrying Jerry cans on the back of a vehicle. A lot of guys in Australia, Africa, Arabia etc. has them on the back and no problems. Can't find any restriction so far here in the Uk too? Shall we go...
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    Amasone 4.2 TD VX 100

    Hi Bor S. :oops: Sorry for that, a bit clumsy with the fingers! Thank you for the link, looks in a good condition and the price not too bad. Arno
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    Amasone 4.2 TD VX 100

    Im moving to Amsterdan soon and was looking to upgrade my KZJ78 to a 100 VX (left hand drive). Anybody know of one for sale? Many thanks. Arno
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    Starting problems

    Hi ignat/Chris Funny thing happened to me. One day there is a few drops and another there is none! But what I did found was, that when I start her up and pump the accelerator while turning the key she got to start. Tightened the clamps on the fuel line helped a bit but soon the drip started...
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    window tinting -first attempt

    Hi there Africaaboveandbelow! Sorry for the late reply, been abroad for a while. Please let me know how it went with the window tint. Hope you had fun. ;) African Drifter
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    Virgin Off-roader

    Hi fridayman Welcome to the forum! If possible go for a diesel, lots of torque and better if economy plays a big role. Hope you find a great Cruiser soon! ;) ;) ;) African Drifter
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    Do we over-egg our vehicles for Trans-Africa trips?

    Hi Guys! If you want anything done or taken across this planet, without any how, or even with what?,... .... just ask a Dutchman! You are still talking about it and they have already packed and are ready to go!.... and out the door they go! You don't need a specialized vehicle to cross...
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    suspension lift??

    Hi Des. Try Devon 4x4, they can basically get you anything, sure you guys can work out a delivery solution. Look at the OME (Old Man Emo) 2" kit,.. I've heard a lot of good things about it! ;) ;) ;) African Drifter
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    Starting problems

    Hi guys! Now that you mentioned it, Im experiencing the same problem at the moment. I have the KZJ78 3.0 td Prado with the KZ-TE1 engine. Always started fast and with no hick - ups, lately she takes longer to start and I picked up the other day a little patch of diesel on the ground below the...
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    Hello of France!!!!

    Re: Manzalou Hi Jacques. Welcome to the club. Sure can see that you are enjoying playing with your cruiser. Nice truck! :D :D :D African Drifter
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    The Bacon Tree

    Hi Cossack. Sure got me trying to do it... ha ha! Nice one! :D :D :D African Drifter
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    My 70

    Re:Thanks! Hi John. Thank you for the info,... great! Its actually amazing because that is about what mine (5 door) is giving me. The spec (Japan) show that they should be more or less the same. Want to take mine (before I change anything) for a round trip to Belgium, Amsterdam, Black...
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    For those who think they can weld.

    Wow! Totally agree, great welding!! ;) ;) ;) African Drifter
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    Greetings from Borneo!

    Hi Tinus! Welcome to the forum! Yep, nice to have another 70 in the club!! Enjoy! :D :D :D African Drifter
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    Whaddon 4x4

    Hi Jim Nice pics and video,... thanks! No embarrassment,... sure some of us has been in same scenarios somehow or another. Sure looks like you are having fun! :D :D :D Enjoy!! African Drifter