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  1. AndyCook

    Got One at Last!

    Great news you found what looks like a nice example of a Colorado. If you lived up I need north east Scotland like i do, you would appreciate the heated seats on a -10 degC snowy morning .
  2. AndyCook

    Does my front diff need a re-build?

    What about brakes, if it happens when you first move vehicle, pads could be sticking to disc and releasing with a crack noise
  3. AndyCook

    Coast to coast

    Excellent - looks like a great trip. Haven’t been down south greenlaning for about 6 years ! Just try it again.
  4. AndyCook

    1KZ-TE versus D4D?... 90 Series versus LC4?...

    My D4D 3.0 Hilux defo more powerfull than (even before I chipped it) the 1kzte Colorado I had, both auto. The Hilux also has a steinbauer chip now, so even better for power. But mpg is the same pretty much same in both about 22-25mpg. Both modified with winch, lift, underbody skid plates etc.
  5. AndyCook

    fuel flap not opening,

    Nice fix !
  6. AndyCook

    Funny how life throws you those little curve balls isn’t it? Ho hum.

    Gutted to read this Chris - fight it hard like Ben has been his illness. Good luck with it.
  7. AndyCook

    water tank solutions - water bladder

    We have used water bladders but the often taint the taste of the water with plastic or rubbernecked taste
  8. AndyCook

    Different wheels on the front and back

    I wonder what your insurance company would say about different tyre sizes and would they honour a claim
  9. AndyCook

    Metal Clunking Noise Turning / Over Bumps

    A 4Runner I used to own sometimes creaked on full lock, bump stop rubbing metal on metal. The solution was to smear some grease on the metal, that stopped the noise
  10. AndyCook

    Wondered what the smell was!

    Yuk - was that the cabin pollen filter ? When I took my Hilux in for a sevice once the mechanics found a mouse next above that filter, loads of dead grass and twigs , the mouse wasn’t there fortunately
  11. AndyCook

    Crap night at work!

    Cool photo. I also work in oil, but onshore. And for last year in home office. Geologists background, but mostly in IT these days helping geologists use subsurface software to find oil !
  12. AndyCook

    WTF Covid.

    I’m amazed folk discredit information from governments and mainstream media, but take what random folk post on social media e.g. Facebook as gospel....
  13. AndyCook


    I had one mining out our compost bin, put 3 rat traps baited with peanut butter in it, and 3 in polytunnel. Completely ignored for a week.... added a lump of chocolate to each trap And caught one 2 days later. No more digging a few weeks on, so hopefully just the one, but that’s rare they are...
  14. AndyCook

    Techstream on Windows 10

    I ended up getting a cheap old laptop with windows XP and leave it off network and use that from techstream.
  15. AndyCook

    Difficulty engaging low range

    I often have to turn off engine in my hilux to shift out of L to avoid the crunching noise, even in N. Had to today In fact towing trailer out of muddy field.