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  • Hi Andy
    Just picked up your thread on your trip to the Lakes in 2012 and i must confess it looks brilliant!
    As a result it has raised a few questions i hope you might be able to help me with?

    1) Whats the best way to find these kind of roads and if you are allowed to go down them?

    2) Having a none modified LC120, assuming i had tyres and under protection, would my LC be able to make it? (just thinking about the need to jack up body?)

    3) When you guys drive through rivers do you anticipate the inside cab getitng soaked and have all the carpets etc removed or do you make sure you can get through and keep your feet dry?

    4) How often did you need a winch on that trip (appreciate that its only when you havnt got one that you will really need one!)?

    5) How often do you end up turning round and having to back track because its just impassable (not a word i know you guys associate with:icon-lol:)

    Hope i have posted in the right place?
    Thanks for any pointers in advance

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