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  • Yes i do need the pump asap. I'm in Grenad, Caribbean. As a matter of interest how much is the pump. And I presume the fuel pump is dependant on the engine in the vehicle and not the actual vehicle itself. The vehicle details are as follows:
    Toyota landcruiser colorado 1998
    engine 1KZ-TE
    Model: KZJ95R-GKPNTW

    I also presume there is no-one in the uk who could get the pump to me or to Geest (shippers in Portsmouth).
    Any other advice on where to get a pump from - I looked yesterday and it was a bit of a minefield - Anyone stateside?
    Thanks (and sorry for all the questions but you seem very helpful on this forum)


    In one post I read you mentioned that you had a fuel pump for a 1KZT-E engine available. Is this still available. My Landcruiser just broke down and the mechanic is saying it's the fuel pump. I'm in Grenada, Caribbean, where the duties are stupidly high and the dealer wants $$$$$$ for a new one, so I'm trying to purchase out of UK. Thanks, Karen
    Hi, Parts are provisionally sold, but if they fall through I'll be in touch.

    I was looking for £100 for everything, and could carraige but would cost quite a bit I would imagine...

    Thanks, Beau
    Hi I'm edmo and I'm new on here . I've heard your the man with extensive knorwledge about the 1kzte denso pump .. I have a question desperately needing answered . Can you help beau

    How much are you looking for the interior? Also, would you post/ carriage the the items (pallet?)
    Are all the parts there?


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