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  • Hey Ben glad to see you making such a success of your move to Australia. I wanted to ask a huge favor. Here in SA we do not get recovery points for a 120 prado and i know you can get them in Aus. I was wondering if there may be one sitting in that pile above the winches in the shop and if your boss would mind if you traced it on a sheet of A4 and sent it across to me so i could make some. All the best
    hi ben is seen a message you posted saying you could send a pdf of 70 series service manual.. i ws hoping you would be kind enough to forward a copy through to me
    Hi Ben,
    Read your build thread on your lj70 more then once and find it fascinating. Especially since i got a 1990 lj70 last year. It already has a 2" ironman lift, a 7t wireless remote winch, 31x12.5x15 cooper stt, custom roo bar.
    I work away from home so don't get a load of time to work on it but when i'm home i love working on it as my dad has a farm with a fully kitted out workshop. It'll take time but i want to eventually transform it a lot like you have. That includes swapping the current 2.4l for a pre-1994 3l from a 4runner, snorkel, cargo draws in the back, spare wheel gate, roof rack, change ratios to accommodate 35" coopers, re-route the exhaust, airlockers front etc etc.
    I used to live in australia for many years and i had a bundera when i was there. I now live in scotland.
    Is it ok to message you with questions as the project progresses?
    I've worked on cars before and have lots of agricultural experience, so can weld too.
    Hey mate just found a few pics of our comp truck you posted up (elmo, the furry lux)
    Cool to finally find some shots of it from outside haha just wondering if you have any more photos from over the weekend?? Chasing as many as I can find and so far not having much Luck lol
    Hi, I have a jl78 and im doing the 1kzt engine change, I've fully rebuilt and had a injection pump built for it, just wanted to know what part of the wiring does run the rev counter? thanks
    Hello Ben,you have a wealth of knowledge which I have taken in.I recently had a problem with my 1 Kzte and initially thought it was a head gasket or at worst a new head so I proceeded to take the head off then discovered that no2 cylinder was badly scoured.Then I took the engine out and broke 2 ribs doing it..I then took it toa reco shop for an estimate which was horrendous ($9500)so looked for alternatives a got a motor that had done 160000 ks.At this stage my ribs were giving me hell so the outfit I got it from fitted it.Complete job($4100) and it runs like a dream.I'm a slow learner and when I got it home I was down in the pit in my workshop putting the bottom plates on and did some more damage to my body.I guess I sound like the bricklayer who was getting the bricks down from the top of the building through the pulley system and undid the rope at the bottom and met the bricks halfway up.Lifes a laugh isn't it.Regards Pat
    Dear Ben,

    My name is Hans. I'm from Belgium Europe.
    I'm doing a restauration of a Lj70.
    I saw the you also had an issue with the smal tubes beside the fuel tank(fuel breather).
    Mine are broken off on top and one has a hole in it.
    Is this part really needed, as you mentioned?
    What is the solution for this?
    Can the 3 small tubes, brought together?

    Thank you very much for your answer.
    Best greetings
    Hi Ben,
    my name is Milos 'n' I am from Montenegro- Europe. Small country but very nice. I have Toyota LC Lj70 . 1994, 2800 ccm, 388 000 km. but I have a little problem. It's like losing the power. I check the bosch pump it's ok, I bought new filters oil, fuel, air. Still the same. What do you think cant be?
    Also I planned to put dif lock front 'n' back 'n' put winch what do you suggest me about that.
    Thanks a lot

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