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    1991 Toyota Landcruiser HDJ81 for sale (deposit now taken)

    Note: I've now taken a deposit for this. Thanks for all the interest. Off to a good home shortly! Bit of a reluctant one, but needs must. Thought I'd put it on here before it goes on the usual sites. Note that whilst it does start and drive, this for sale spares or repairs as it will...
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    wanted landcruiser 80 (import) load blind

    perhaps a bit of a long shot, but i have seen them on ebay before. Looking for a retractable load blind for an 80 in grey. I think they were only import, but may have also been sold with the 5 seat gx models. I have all the brackets etc, just i am missing the actual retractable blind. they...
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    Best tyres for my 80 series

    i'll second mr sideways. BFG at's are hard as hell, slidy in the wet and crap in the mud. They also cost loads. The main thing going for them is that they last for absolutely ages. I wouldn't have another set though. Plenty of other tyres out there with more modern patterns for less. Unless...
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    Kms? or Mls?

    Mine was just a changed fascia and the odo remained in km. I thought I was getting a pretty respectable 29mpg when I first got the car and was dead chuffed with my purchase, alas checking it with the gps confirmed it was rolling over km and I was getting considerably less than that. Oh well
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    Steel Stockist - Scotland Central Belt (or online)

    I'm surprised blakes (the metal centre) don't have any. Usually if they've got stuff close to size, they will adjust it to your dimensions for you. For example the angle brackets for my tow bar required one bit of the angle shorter than the other, so they cut down one bit of it for me so it...
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    80 series swimming pool

    I would expect that its your sunroof leaking, letting in more water than the drains can cope with. It was certainly the cause with mine. The problem is your sunroof seal is now about 20 years old and has shrunk over time. The fix is a new sunroof seal. It comes with a free bit of glass and costs...
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    Wagon Gear - 80 Series Tailgate Lids

    if you have a bit of time and a welder, they're not too hard to make. I made one of my own, which in the end was a god thing as it turns out jdm tailgates have some extra reinforcement in them. Time is the...
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    Where to find rubber matting / sheeting??

    machine mart in portobello sell rubber sheet too if you want something quick for installing at the weekend.
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    Transfer Case Bash Guards

    I've got one of these in the garage, however now have other plans so would like to shift it on. So if you missed the first 2 batches, here's an opportunity to get one. Price and postage as per originals at the start of the thread.
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    My 80's new bumper modification "Redneck Style"

    It looks like a late bumper on an early truck causing it to stick out so far. The plastic spacer is for the winch equipped models i think. Later models seem to have got a 1 piece bumper incorporating the plastic spacer, but in this instance there's a deep later bumper and the spacer. Not that...
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    its probably worth paying the extra for the uv stable stuff. if you're using it outside, the standard stuff fades quite a bit. otherwise, pretty tough and much cheaper than having someone spray bedliner on for you.
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    Recovery Hitch

    if its an arb bar you're getting, it will be the standard 2" rather than 50mm. Have a look on though, they have recently started doing shipping on heavier things from the us, such as receiver shackles and other receiver fitments like drop plates, locking pins etc...
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    80 series clear indicators i paid less for mine i'm sure, so have a look around ebay international sellers.
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    Hardened shafts for the 80

    the longfield stuff isn't warranted for road use, although there's nothing to stop you doing so. The cv's will wear out more quickly than oem, but how quickly i don't know, just more quickly than 100,000 or so miles. Never come across anyone on the ih8mud forum having actually worn out a set and...