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  • Yes it's really strange. You came through on a 'visitor message'. I have no idea what that means. The PM option is under the person's name in the bar at the left hand side of the page, under the avatar. I would certainly be interested in the parts. My only other option is to wire into the dash gauge with a change over switch. It would be nice to have a gauge for each tank really. I have got all the bits together now for the tank install. The next bit is to make up a plate to mount all the solenoids on. These divert the flow from each tank into the main feed.

    I couldn't find an option to pm you, terrible introduction I know, but I had to delete a lot of the message to keep it under 1000 characters!

    I have a switch and overhead console with alti metre and sub tank gauge..
    Hi there. Err, not quite sure what type of message this is nor how you sent it. I know that sounds odd, but it's come though in a strange way and I only noticed it by accident. I am guessing you are a mate of Karl's?

    The tanks are very good indeed. No issues there. New list is 330 Euros - but no one can get them in the UK. £450 was rather steep but I understand the position, initially. I have now bought straps brand new and they cost me £90. So tank with straps for £450 would be OK I guess. Yes, you're right I'd be miffed if I spent that lot and then they were offered out at £350. But that's just tough, I'm a big boy and not prone to sulking. So, kind as it is on the offer of straps, I've already bought them. The filler necks are a huge amount here as well. Getting just about everything that you need in the kit is the way to go in my view. People like a one stop shop. Now if you could find me a sub fuel tank gauge and a dash switch I'd be a very happy boy.


    hello chris,

    I will shortly have a number of tanks that I want to sell, I was thinking of offering them on this forum before putting them on ebay. they vary greatly in price, some have import duty and some don't etc. so, rather than offering them at greatly fluctuating prices ive averaged the price over the board.
    I would be happy with £300-£350 depending on condition. do you think think they would be much interest?

    this brings me on to the subject of your tank. originally I obtained this tank for myself and payed top doller, being new to this sub tank importing, and not knowing I would drop on a reliable source to get hold of some more. I would be a little miffed if a had payed , £490 iirc?? and then a month later they are being offered for £350 on a forum that you moderate.

    so to be fair, if I managed to sell at least a couple of tanks would you be interested in a couple of straps as a bit of "cash back"?
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